"The side trip to the school demonstrating Gate 1's charitable aspect was a wonderful and heart warming experience. It was an emotional experience. Kudos to you all for incorporating this in the tour and your endeavors!"
-- Dina, Costa Rica Visitor

"Visiting the school was a real treat. The children were wonderful and so appreciative of our visit. The help provided by Gate 1 was an unexpected surprise. Thank you for contributing to the community in this way."
-- Beth, Peru Visitor
"As a teacher, I cherished the school visit and I am going to take my photos of me and those beautiful children, and hang them in my kindergarten classroom. I was happy to help out such a peaceful and delightful country..."
-- Shari, Costa Rica Visitor

"I had the opportunity to see firsthand the organization's efforts today by visiting a primary school in a remote Peruvian town! From building a greenhouse, playground, and classrooms, the Foundation's work was evident and clearly appreciated. Traveling can be such a personally enriching journey, but knowing that your travel is in someway giving back and not just taking away, is a beautiful thing."
-- Nandita, Peru Visitor
"The highlights of our trip were the visit to the school with the wonderful kids and the interaction with elephants."
-- Russ & Sharon, Thailand Visitors

"We were especially thankful of Gate 1 including a visit to a school in Chinchero, Peru. This helped put the appreciation of the country in perspective and of course the school was also very appreciative."
-- Allan, Peru Visitor

"I was very touched by the sweet school children and principal we got to meet, and was very impressed at the improvements made by the Gate 1 Foundation."
-- Nancy, Costa Rica Visitor

"Visiting the elementary school was like a breath of fresh air - such appreciation and love from the children."
-- Anne, Peru Visitor


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