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Gate 1 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the charitable arm of Gate 1 Travel

Looking Ahead

Our regional staff reaches out to their local communities on an ongoing basis, identifying schools in need of support, and working with school officials to determine what kinds of projects will best and most directly improve the lives of children.

Supporting Primary Schools Worldwide

The Gate 1 Foundation is passionate about supporting the education of the world's children. We work with schools around the world to provide resources that will enrich their days and nourish their minds.

from our supporters

"The side trip to the school demonstrating Gate 1's charitable aspect was a wonderful and heart warming experience. It was an emotional experience. Kudos to you all for incorporating this in the tour and your endeavors!"
-- Dina, Costa Rica Visitor
"As a teacher, I cherished the school visit and I am going to take my photos of me and those beautiful children, and hang them in my kindergarten classroom. I was happy to help out such a peaceful and delightful country..."
-- Shari, Costa Rica Visitor

"I had the opportunity to see firsthand the organization's efforts today by visiting a primary school in a remote Peruvian town! From building a greenhouse, playground, and classrooms, the Foundation's work was evident and clearly appreciated. Traveling can be such a personally enriching journey, but knowing that your travel is in someway giving back and not just taking away, is a beautiful thing."
-- Nandita, Peru Visitor

"Visiting the school was a real treat. The children were wonderful and so appreciative of our visit. The help provided by Gate 1 was an unexpected surprise. Thank you for contributing to the community in this way."
-- Beth, Peru Visitor
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